Repeats patch issue

Any one else having trouble getting the new repeats patch to work? I open up the patch and get the screen with the button layout. it says “aux:playing” but I don’t hear anything? And when I click the keys on the organelle nothing changes. they don’t activate any of the keys on the screen. Is this a bug issue?


Are you using original Organelle or M? Which OS are you on?


I’m using the original organelle.
Not sure what OS I’m on. I’ll try updating to the latest and see if that helps

You can find the OS version in the Info menu.

Here are instructions for burning newest OS for original Organelle: Critter & Guitari Manual

For original Organelle’s owners, you had to open Repeats’ patch’s folder then open cg-pd-library-local\externals\ and remove the “.orig” extension on “abl_link~.pd_linux”.
Have fun with it and thank you Chrisk for helped me on a same kind of issue almost 2 years ago on Polylogue’s patch!