Reverb patch with Freeze latch?

I’m looking for a reverb patch that has a freeze latch function, and then once the freeze latched, the reverb is also applied to the input.
For some reason, once you freeze on the patches I’ve tried, the reverb isn’t applied to the input any more.

I’ve had a look at Plate reverb, AmbientFX, and FX-13 but none work this way.

Does anyone know of a patch that does this?

Clds in Orac?

But I’ll say I’m not quite sure what you expect…
Usually if you freeze, the live input should not be heard at all if your 100% wet
And if your using any dry (which would be unfrozen) then of course that has no fx on it.

( the latching on freeze has no effect on dry/wet mix in clds/Orac)

Or am I misunderstanding what your after?

If this is what you want,
you could in Orac use two reverbs one into the other. Where the first is frozen but let’s some dry thru, which then has reverb on it from second.
Or you can do in a parallel chain.

Yes, I think i’m (probably incorrectly) expecting a patch to be like a ventris dual reverb

Still new to the Organelle, and I don’t feel ready to try Orac yet.

only watch the first few mins of the video… but seems the hints in the name :slight_smile:
dual reverb…

so this is as i described, you need 2 reverbs (one with freeze functionality)
if i understand the above roughly right,
in Orac you would set this up as parallel reverbs, so in 2 chains.

Chain 1 - clds
Chain 2 - another reverb (e.g. rngs_reverb would be nice)

clds sounds like its should be 100% wet, to setup the freeze drone.
chain2 would probably initially be off, so you hear only chain 1.

you play your bit for the freeze, then freeze it.
then you turn up chain 2, so you hear the new live notes thru that second chain.

(you could do midi learn to make this much easier to do without having to go thru menus!)

probably worth point out here, the power of orac means chain 2 could be any kind of FX… or even another synth.

so much more flexible than the ventris, as in this case I think the musical “technique” above video is showing is how to get a pad/drone from a mono synth, and still be able to play a lead over it.

of course Orac is not the only way to do this on Organelle,
you could create your own pd patch, or for example adapt the clds standalone patch…
so if your into writing pure data thats not so difficult.

if your not into pure data, well thats kind of the point of Orac, to allow you to combine modules without having to write pure data - so Id recommend jumping in, go checkout mine and loopops videos they explain it in fairly simple terms - and you dont have to get into complex stuff from the get go :slight_smile: