Reverse Reverb

Is there any reverse reverb patch?

Not sure about reverb, but there is a Reverse Delay patch:

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For reverse reverb, you can make it with a regular reverb, with a fairly large reverb setting, I think Freeverb will work great for this. And then add an envelope after the reverb, triggered by an envelope follower.

For actually triggering the envelope, you use the envelope follower with a threshold. When the signal fed to the envelope follower is higher than the threshold, it will trigger the envelope and fade in the reverb.

So you need:

  • Freeverb
  • An attack/decay envelope
  • An envelope follower
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Thanks I’ll look into it but I’m really new to Pure data

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there’s a few nonlinear reverbs in the one i wrote but those are based on IR files not sure if that is what you are lookjing for

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Thanks, how is it called?

you need the ladspa libraries installed and it’s getting a new makeover
but you can check it out here

There’s currently 63 reverb rooms i am looking for some cool new ones
If you have an IR file of a reverse room you can add it to the IR folder

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