Plus Pedal - patch idea

This might be a fun Organelle patch idea… or maybe something close is already out there?

The freeze function on some of the reverb patches can give a similar effect. Take the [freeverb~] for example - one of the inlets is for turning the freeze on or off. Set the [r fs] object to toggle a 1 or 0 and you have something similar.

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I was just using this one last night:

Only that this one only monitors the left channel (headphones) when you freeze something. I think it’s a mono thing.


Awesome find! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pointers @ghostly606 and @Lazaruz4!
This time I say to myself: USE the search box :wink:

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Nice patch !

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Thanks, I just updated it because it had a few errors and I added another reverb so you can have reverb on top of the freeze :slight_smile:

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