Sample conversion for Organelle

I have lots of samples that are NOT 44.1 16bit wav files and I’m curios what people are doing to covert their samples to this format (44.1 16bit wav).
What have you found to be the quickest and easiest way?
What program are you using etc etc?
PS I’m running a windows machine and do have Abelton 10.

there are loads of tools, depends what you are trying to achieve…

generally if Im only doing a small number, id use Audacity

however, if Im doing a lot in one go, then I use Sox which is a command line tool, so I can easily automate the conversion.

both are open source and free.

that said, Ive not done a lot in this area recently - so may be there are some better tools available.

Reaper is also excellent for converting large batches of samples and can also rename them in batches to follow any convention you might need for a specific patch e.g. Polybeats where all the files need to be numbered 1.wav-24.wav

Switch plus is also a very nice solution for converting many samples in one go. It cost like 15 $ but I think its worth it. Check it out:

Thanks for all the suggestions. It’s really is nice to get some support.

So here is what happened. (PS I am not the worlds greatest computer guy!)
I started off using Audacity. For some reason I couldn’t get it to output to a folder. I did manage to get it to work once but I wasn’t sure how I got there. It also seemed like it took a lot of button pressing and setting up to get a mono 16bit 44.1 sample. And as I said I really had trouble getting a folder set up that it would output the finished product too. Probably my error but I did spend a good 3 hours trying to get this solution to work.

I skipped Reaper because it seemed to be a full on DAW and I didn’t want to find my way around that. However I will say I have heard great things about Reaper and am sure it would do a magnificent job and seriously thank you for the suggestion.

At this point I was a little frustrated so I gave Switch a try. You can use it for free as long as you are doing 5 samples or less at a time. SUPER SIMPLE drag and drop, set you preferences and you are done. Set up a folder and tell it to put it there and YOU ARE DONE. After trying it out I paid for the 16$ US version. I can drop in a hundred samples at a time and it puts them where I want them no questions asked. CONVERTED and DONE!

Switch wins! 16$ for a super simple interface that does huge batches of samples, super fast and easy was the winner for me. Its free if you only want to do 5 or less samples at a time. This is what worked for me. The other solutions presented may have been just as easy and/or easier I just couldn’t figure them out or in the case of Reaper didn’t even give it a proper chance. Please don’t hold that against me.

Special thank you to technobear, Wannop, and Jaffasplatta for sharing your knowledge, time and energy. You totally rock!

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shouldn’t be that difficult… (latest audacity 2.2.2)

all you need to do is:
a) drag files into a new project (file new)
b) select all
c) tracks → resample (select new sample rate)
d) (if stereo) tracks-> mix down stereo to mono
e) file ->export-> multiple
folder : select where you want them to go (you dont need to use create, just create a folder before hand)
format : wav (signed 16bit ppm)
then optionally you can renamed the files ( Numbering after filename is useful where they need to be things like sample1.wav, sample2.wav)

I dont think you can reduce the steps much more than that… as basically its
import files, select sample rate, convert to mono (optional), export :slight_smile:

anyway, glad you gone it done … most important thing is to have a way that works for you

I know Audacity is an industry standard program and I’m sure its probably the better choice. I don’t know why I couldn’t get it to work. It was really strange. I am sure i must have been pushing a wrong button somewhere.

PS Thanks for all your hard work on the Organelle. So appreciated and THANK YOU!