Samples at Different Speed

I recently added some samples into the unit and they keep playing back slower than the file is. The speed is set at 100 in KLoop (Normal) and it’s slow and I have to speed it up to make it play normal. I haven’t had this issue before with other samples.

What is the sample rate of your new files?

Sample rate? How do I find that? I record at normal in Audacity.

I guess I can find it out in the file and try and change it.

Sample rate should be 44.1KHz.

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Thank You I’ll give it a try !

Yeah that didn’t work.

not totally sure how helpful this will be, but just in case: I ran into a sample rate issue (which caused the kinds of issues you’re describing) with the 5moons recently & managed to sort it out this way: Introducing 5 Moons! - #30 by risibledog

EDIT: I guess if you want them to be 44.1k, you might need the command to look more like this tho:

ffmpeg -i input.wav -af "aformat=sample_fmts=s16:sample_rates=44100" output.wav

the only difference is that this one has the sample rate at 44100, whereas the other one has it at 48000, which is what 5moons wants.