Adding samples/kits in Orac 2.0

Anyone have a minute to guide me through this process? I’m new to Organelle and Orac but really enjoying all I’ve figured out so far. I’d like to use Polybeats connected to a sampler and sample drums and instruments. I have all of my samples in the correct format and numbered but they don’t seem to show up in the Orac library when I try to load them.

I’d really appreciate your help!

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You’ll need to go to sdcard/media/samples

In this directory there are already a couple of “kit” folders with the samples that were included with orac 2 (named “kit-1”, “kit-2”)

You can add more kit folders (named “kit-3”, “kit-4” etc) and put your samples in those. They won’t show up in orac as files, but when you load a sampler module (sampler 24 for example), you’ll be able to select from different kits on the second page of the module (find this page by turning the encoder clockwise).

Hope this helps! Also you can keep samples named whatever you like outside of the kit folders (so just in media/samples) for use with the new sampletwig and polytwig modules by @WyrdAl - I can’t overstate how useful these are!


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was trying to put them in the Orac folder.

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Is there any limit to the amount of kits you have? I don’t have 12 in there yet but that’s how the max on the dial within Orac right now when I use it. Thank you so much for helping with my newbie questions!

You can edit the module.json file to allow knob to give you more values.
(Given pot resolution it’s a trade off , more values = harder to select specific value )

Thank you, Mark, for this and Orac overall.