Sample Pack Headquarters

Many patches on the Organelle use Samples, I thought that this thread might be a good place for us to post sample packs or libraries and be able to return to them instead of them getting lost in the ether.

Anyway - I found a post on the Elektron forum with a link to this great library:


I love this sample site. My band actually recorded at the converse rubber tracks in boston, I wonder if they do any sampling for this there. I should get in touch with them.


Just an email signup gets you some good drum samples here, I really like the sound of the 1985 kit cause phil collins


Orchestral samples:

I used some trumpet and french horn samples in this song:


these are good for those of you with volca fms


This is awesome, thanks!

For some strange reason I can’t open the sysex file in Dexed, does this happen to you too?

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I don’t have a volca (yet) but I’ll let you know when I do! How’s the CT5, I assume that’s you on instagram haha

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It’s wonderful, I actually thought it would be harder to get into than it was! Just a little bummed out that the version I got doesn’t support the latest firmware, I should’ve checked that before pulling the trigger. :unamused:

I too have a problem opening the sysex files in dexed - i get an error message telling me they are corrupted then an option to open them anyway. The patches sound scrambled and quite off, but with them being the patches of eno it’s difficult to tell if they are as intended or indeed corrupted. Dexed has a decent catalogue of patches anyhow :slight_smile:

Does anyone have access to or suggestions for a good grand piano sample? I’d love to have just a big standard grand piano sound on the organelle.

do you own ableton live perhaps?

Have you tried the Piano48 patch? I haven’t had a chance to use it with a midi controller yet but the samples sound pretty good

Hmm, I don’t see it on patchstorage! sounds like what I’m looking for tho!

ahh its because it was hiding in a drop box link in this thread:

oh! thanks so much, I’ll try it tonight!

If anyone is familiar with Cuckoo, he does a lot of very helpful instructional work on youtube for various instruments including the octatrack and volca fm which i use alongside the organelle in my shows. He has a patreon account which is super cheap, where he’s released a lot of samples and synth patches on. I stuck some Microtonic samples for the PO-32 into bashfest and it sounds flippin brilliant! He also has a Farfisa soundfont I’d love to use once ~fluidsynth is live. Anyway - thought this might be interest to some so check it out if so!

I’ve been playing around with that Mellowtron/Yellotron pd patch, and putting my own samples in it. I’ve figured it out pretty good. I cobbled together a work around for velocity layers too, but could use somebody’s help to make a better design.

I think @yeahsometimes might be in the same boat as me. It would be sweet to have a patch where we could easily drop multi-sampled sounds WITH multiple velocity layers. Does this exist yet?


This is exactly the boat i’m in, thank you!

@yeahsometimes, can you explain more about what you want in a patch? I’m no pd expert but have been gaining knowledge the last few months