my first toe dippings in the evil world of polyphonymagflags-large-flag-fictional-flag-of-mordor-90x150cm-3x5ft-100-made-in-germany-long-lasting-flag_20698813


It’s great! I’m finding the note E4 doesn’t like to decay like the others and rings on infinitely though, is it the same for other people?

I played a little with it and I occasionally get indefinite ringing. It seems to depend on the oscillator range settings rather than any particular key, then holding any key and turning the oscillator range knob quickly kicks it back to normal. it could be that a feature of having multiple oscillators interacting with each other is that occasionally one of them gets stuck ringing out.

but anyway, it’s an amazing sound!

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It’s probably related to note stealing if you are playing more than 6 you violate the contract and have to delete the patch.


if you get indefinite ringing Andy–
unfortunately on page4 of the Shree Labs contract you will have to uninstall the patch as well :slight_smile:

dammit. I should read those things.

Welp, those are the rules. Deleted patch and buried my Organelle in the woods.

LOL it’s all in the EULA hahaha

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@shreeswifty - I’m a little late to the game on this one… this patch is so badass!
wondering if it might be possible to nail down the cause of the ringing notes…
this patch is so awesome sounding so either way of course, ty for making it :slight_smile:

feel free to edit it and post what you like about it
i kind of built it in about 1/2 an hour so :slight_smile:

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