(solved) Black screen, device not reacting, please help!

Hi, I’m new to the organelle world and I need your help. I just bought the device new from a retailer but somehow it behaves strangely. When I try e.g. to save the midi settings the screen truns off and the system is not reacting anymore. Same happens if I want to save the pedal settings. So I assumed that something was messed up. Maybe by someone how bought the organelle before me and returned it to the store. So I decided to reset everything: I tryed to install diskimage 3.1 from:

but the zip file is corrupted. (Can someone confirm that the zip file is ok?)
Image 3.0 is working. I flashed it to a new SD card and reinstalled OS3.1 patch on it.

But at the end it didn’t helped. Still if i try to save a setting the screen truns black and the device is not reacting anymore.

Has someone a good idea what to do next?


The OS disk image is not corrupted. If you used Etcher to burn the zipped disk image, Etcher will throw an error. Etcher says it can burn a zip, but we haven’t had any luck with that. You should unzip the OS disk image first, then burn it.

Which settings were you trying to change? Something like MIDI input channel?

Hi, thanks for the help. I already tryed to unzip the file with win10 built-in zip and the 7zip application before flashing it with etcher. Both zip tools throw a CRC check error. Also the sha1 value of the downloaded file does not match the sha1 referenced in 20180529-v3.1.img.txt. I tryed downloading the 3.1 image on several differnt PCs with different internet connections to make sure it is not the download process that was interrupted. Did you tryed yourself to download and unzip the 3.1 image?

The black screen issue occures always when I select Save e.g in Midi Settings or Pedal Settings, independent of the changes I have made. Also if I make no changes at all. I uploded a small video to demonstrate the behavior. https://youtu.be/HLk9dnPRt8w

The SHA1 value should match when you unzip the disk image. I just downloaded and unzipped and got the correct hash.

Thank you for posting the video. We have never seen that behavior. Is it just the MIDI settings and Foot Switch settings that cause that behavior? Do patches load correctly?

What are the output specs of your power supply?


given the rest is working, Id say the issue is its unable to save the file, for some reason…

do you have a USB stick inserted, this is required for OS 3.0 (or if you upgraded to 3.0 from 3.1) …
(given your having trouble upgrading to 3.1, this seem to be the case)

if you do have a USB stick inserted, then its possible that USB stick is acting up when its being written too.

can you try with a different USB stick? that been recently formatted to FAT32

what I believe is happening, is probably Python is trying to write the file, throws an error, which is not caught, and then crashes ( or hangs) python.
(it blanks the screen just before saying it successfully done)
this means you dont get the menu back, so you cannot return control to the main menu.

if you connect a keyboard and monitor to the Organelle , you can type


this’ll bring the menu back, showing its not a ‘hard crash’ …

you could also try writing a file to the usbdrive to see if there are any errors

echo helloworld > /usbdrive/a.txt
rm /usbdrive/a.txt

Thanks so much for your help. The /usbdrive was indeed set to “read only”. Seems that I didn’t got a “brand new” unopend packackage from the music store. Anyway, now everything works as expected.

The only open point is the 3.1 disk image. Again I made a short clip to demonstrate what I am doing: https://youtu.be/e1CgV-S7zfk

  1. Download
  2. Unzip -> CRC error
  3. Sha1 comparison

I tryed several times on different PCs. It simply doesn’t work for me. @chrisk: What zip tool are you using?

Hi @novosonic, thanks for the video. I used the built-in unzip function in macOS.

Can you try downloading the OS 2.1 zip and then using the Update 3.1 patch?