Organelle M won't power off

I have an organelle m version 4.1 installed and for some reason it will not power off. I have to either manually pull the plug or remove the batteries. I have a USB and the wifi module plugged in. When pulling the plug and then keeping the power in the off position the organelle will stay off until I turn it on again. Anyone?

Did this start happening after you updated or something? Or was it always doing this? I sounds like a hardware problem, and might be better to contact support.

Thanks for replying. I am not 100% certain if it started happening after an update or not. I did add ORAC. Searching google I haven’t seen any similar problems. Power related problems seem to fall into the “won’t turn on” I guess I will contact support. Thought I would check here first just in case there was an easy fix or more things to try. The strange thing is on the off position if I unplug while it’s on, as soon as I plug it back in it will stay off until I turn it on.