Screenshot hack

Hello :v:

In the mother.pd there’s a “screen shot hack” in messageIO, does it work…? Where does the screenshots go please ?

The screenshots get saved at the root directory of the USB drive. On the Organelle, this is located at /usbdrive. Technically /usbdrive is the mount point for the USB drive, so if you don’t have a USB drive connected it will try to save to that directory…problem is that is on the read only partition of the SD card, so you’d have to switch it to read/write first (or just use a USB)


It’s working, i love it… thanks for this :pray:

Even from a usb drive screenshots don’t seem to save, do I still need to change permissions?

Did you select ‘Reload’ from Storage menu before trying screenshot?

Oh man should’ve tried that, thanks!

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