Stuck on selection screen

Hello, I bought the Organelle second hand and after booting the device for the first time, the selection knob is not affecting the screen at all…nothing is responding. keys, volume, knobs, nothing…the screen is stuck on “Select the patch”.
Now, before taking any action against the seller, should I try a factory reset?
should I erase all the patches?
This could be an hardware problem as well as a software problem.


If you rotate the encoder selector knob (to right of screen) does the screen change at all?..If there are patches present, and you turn encoder, it will display different patches. Once a patch is highlighted, you press down on encoder to launch that patch…

Did your Organelle arrive with a USB drive? If so, you can pop it into your computer and check to see if it has a ‘Patches’ folder in the top level.

If you have questions about the above, please see the manual:

If nothing happens when you turn encoder, it sounds like your second-hand Organelle arrived with a broken encoder. I will reply to your email about this

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your message.
I am not able to check the content of the USB since it seems formatted for MAC-OS…so I would have to try plug it into an Apple Computer.
But from what I see in the Organelle screen there is a menu titled “PATCHES” and a list with the first 4 patches…problem is that the menu is not responding to the knob so I am not able to scroll down in any way.
Can you tell if the problem is the Organelle computer rather than the knob?.
I sent you a video via email.