Send Sample Dump SDS Midi?

Would it be technically possible to use the Organelle as a sampler to send samples to the Elektron Rytm over midi USB via SDS? I expect this would need to happen inside PD; or can the Organelle run python scripts?

That is an interesting idea. Looking at this doc I think it would be possible to code this in Pd:

You could pull samples right out of a Pd table and send them out over MIDI using the [midiout] object which sends raw MIDI bytes. The hardest part would be formatting the data and headers.

Do you use this to move samples around? it must be rather slow to send samples since MIDI bitrate is a fraction of audio bitrate.

yes it is a slow transfer method, but using the organelle to cook up tones, pads and hits and then send them over to the rytm for sequencing, filtering and effects would be a very nice feature. (The mk 2 rytm also samples, but the current mk 1 doesn’t. )