Can I import sample and chop it on the Organelle?

I have a 29 sec recording that I need to turn into a loop. The recording is on my computer. Is there a patch that will allow me to import the sample into the Organelle for trimming?

If there is a patch, how is it done? :slight_smile:

I have an Organelle S.
The track is .29 secs long.

I searched the forums and found a bunch on info but nothing I could follow to accomplish my goal.

For reference, I could do this on the Elektron Digitakt, but I’m trying to use the Organelle more.

The only thing that comes to mind is this.

I tried to work on a program that would display a waveform like this and export to a file a while back but I didnt get super far with it

Just updated that as the Bucket delay was greedy and wanted all the processor to itself.

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Right on. Thanks, I’ll check Sample Stuff out to see if it works for me.