Sending DMX commands via serial over usb

Hey everyone !

I’m currently working on a pure data patch that sends midi notes from the trs midi out, and I’m trying to implement DMX control as well using the comport object (usb connected to an Enttec DMX USB Pro). I was able to get some signal in the DMX interface last night using USB port 1 (/dev/ttyUSB0) and a baud rate of 115200, but working on the patch further it stopped working. I tried to get back to a state where the interface was getting signal again, to no avail.

It also seems like the comport object is messing with the MIDI output, since the Arduino that is receiving MIDI has the Rx led flashing but isn’t playing any notes when that object is present in the patch. Having the interface plugged in before turning on the Organelle vs during the patching process also seems to affect the MIDI out.

Would anyone have some insight on this?

Thank you so much !

Edit : I got it working, had to specify “databits 8” to the comport object.

Here’s the simplified patch (only DMX control) if anyone is interested :slight_smile: