Septavox Organelle patches and Pd object

Here are a couple new patches for the Organelle that emulate the Septavox synthesizer. They use a Pd object (septavox~) that implements the original Septavox code, maintaining the sound and behavior of the instrument. The synthesis is low CPU usage, so you can have many instances of Septavox running at once. The Septavox Quad patch has 4 instances, each slightly detuned for a chorus effect.


Ported to 201!


This is AWESOME. All in one patch, really close feeling of patch manipulation compared to original PP.
LED indicators are clever. Even the sound is damn cool (this little « breath » in the red mode…love it)
Maybe to improve : Is it possible to change the amplitude of the pitch slider (maybe have 3 or more scales) ? It make some kind of « step » when manipulated very quickly too, I don’t know if it can be improved ?
And last : is there a way to have easily a « custom third node » with only selected patches ?

Thank you so much !

Well… my answer is a reply to @internetbreakup oriented towards pocket piano 201 and not organelle. I’ve just noticed that…Sorry for this, maybe we should move to a 201 Subject…

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I agree, this is great stuff for the 201, but deserves an announcement in the 201 section.

I’m experiencing a noticeable noise floor with this synth. None of my other engines have it. Is that something that can be remedied in a future release? Thx!

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Patch has been updated to remove noise. I also started a thread in the 201 section. :slight_smile:


Super super cool, thanks patchers :heart:

Really, really enjoying this patch. This is playing around with Septavox adding fx and looping parts today:

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Excellent !!
I am the happy owner of a septavox and I have been waiting for its port on the oganelle for a long time ^^
It’s so nice ^^

I just have some questions:
I noticed that there is a saw in the background of the sound, is this normal?
Is it possible to remove it (to have a super soft sin for example ^^)?

and : Is there midi sync ?

in any case… thank you for this patch :slight_smile:

Hey all, I’ve modified the source code of septavox~ to allow for clock sync! This affects the two-octave-arp, octave cascade and slicer modes. Additionally, the seventh waveform (computer) is now properly selectable in all modes.

The object now accepts two additional messages related to this:

  • sync tells septavox~ whether it should follow its internal clock (<=0) or an external one (>=1)
  • clock is the external clock to follow, this should be a 24 PPQN beat clock counter.

I was able to compile and get the object working on windows. Here’s the modified code as well as the .dll I compiled and an updated help patch demonstrating the new messages. (82.4 KB)

I’d love to update the 201 patch with this functionality so if anyone is willing to compile on linux and share the .pd_linux here that would be greatly appreciated!

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