Serialosc/monome with Organelle?

you people are making me want to buy a monome gird!

shakes fist at you all


more sensibly - this looks like a really cool combination - although the momome norns has me intrigued too



some assembly required. i’ve gotten a lot of requests for adapting the patch all kinds of different purposes. the cleanest solution was just to release all the core functionality as standalone abstractions, allowing everyone to put them together as they wish.

that said, all that you’d need to do to get v2.0 working for organelle/momome would be to install serialosc for organelle, program some organelle (or monome / midi controller) button presses to handle record/stop/resume functions, and design your interface using the [jblr.monome.row] objects.

i’m going to try to release a v3.0 that includes monome state saving and pattern record functionality soon. that would give you the complete feature set demo’ed in the youtube video above.


Thanks! I’m way out of my element as I’m just a PD beginner, but this seems like an interesting puzzle that will come in handy to figure out. Will wait for v3 but in the meantime I’m going to take a look at the patch and try to understand what’s happening.

(This gives me extra reason to go through the PD grid studies too)

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This is brilliant, thanks for the link!


hey i am working on one too so i am going to see what you have and maybe i can help
I identified two very good starts for monome/pd --for mlr which i think is what we all want
i have a 7 channel sampler/player glitcher working + a nice grid setup patch after going over the studies

Maybe we can setup a pd-monome consortium so we are not repeating the work?


here is an older patch for 64 sized grids, that does a bunch of the other work that could be adapted to teh JBLR stuff if i am not mistaken,

hey folks
This is NOT an organelle patch yet but i thought i would offer this up for folks who are having fun with monome [wasting time until the Norns gets here :-)]
this is test based on the pd grid studies patch 3.4 and i added 16 drum machines that cover some territory like Grime/Dubstep/Glitch & Dub

you need to be on Linux 64 for right now
You can easily get it working on mac0s with the lyon potpourri


Really nice !
So you’ve ordered a Norn @shreeswifty ? this little box linked the organelle will be something !

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Damn, I need more time ! But as a long time monome user, developing apps with grid control on the organelle is really something I should focus on. Super exciting !
First step, have serialosc working on the organelle.

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my Norns got here today
i spent last night building the software so i can hopefully contribute but my plate is getting a little full
i will be converting that guy to Organelle soon unless someone else wants to do it it’s all there i just don’t have time for making menus or learning obscure javascript stuff


Have set up a “launchpad mother” for serialosc and trying it out by adapting a simple monome patch, and so far so good. I know I’m about a decade behind everyone else but what a lovely interface the grid controller is! :smiley:

(the original monome patch tutorial : Thanks to C&G for the Basic Poly patch which was the sound engine adopted for this test)


My hero. Thanks for doing this!

oh very nice!

I wonder if I can get my APC mini doing the same thing?

goes off to read documentation

edit: from what I can see you’ve taken the basic grid studies and made an OSC <–> MIDI translation layer for your controller?

hmm - think that will work with the APC too - I’ve found a page that documents the same stuff for it…

Congratulations !

Exactly. Check out the OSC protocol here, you need to use a few messages from Pd to the monome and obviously register the key presses from the monome to Pd. I’ve then done a translator so that the launchpad sends and receives the same messages:

Check out the subpatches in launchpadOS.pd for the conversion.

launchpadOSC.pd (15.0 KB)

For now I’ve only done “/grid/led/set x y s” but will get the others done imminently. So I’ve not yet tested this with actual monome patches yet. That comes next! :smiley:

That made me super interested in getting a Launchpad. =)

I’m going to get another! No reason why this wouldn’t work with 2, the one on the left rotated 180 degrees… a nice wooden enclosure… :smiley:

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Are you using Launchpad minis? Great idea getting two for a nice 16 step interface.

Yes, Mk2 Minis. The Spec of the Mk1 and Mk2 are identical but the Mk2 looks slicker in my opinion:

In case useful to anyone, the LED intensity is controlled by note velocity sent to each pad (or in the case of buttons 1 to 8 the CC value sent to the pad). Here is a document showing the colours:

The bigger launchpads might be different, I know that the Pro has RGB LEDs.

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