Serialosc/monome with Organelle?


i don’t think so, but I would love one @josephbranciforte :wink:


hi @KristofferLislegaard
I’ve been using serialosc from @quilime since the first version and never had any problems with latency. did you install the latest version?


Yes I downloaded it yesterday. It is not much. I wouldn’t notice unless I had compared it to the wooden keys in the same patch. I will have to do some more testing.


not a 100% faithful recreation of mlr, but i’ve got this much working so far.


funny cuz i’m waiting for this so hard with teletype/ansible/er301, and here someone does it on organelle. <3


yeah, i was considering going the 301/ansible route myself… but i’ve come to really value the flexibility of organelle/puredata in specifying grid functionality. very excited about the combination of these two devices…


this looks very nice! :slightly_smiling_face:
if you need beta testers, let me know :wink:


@sno will take you up on that as soon as it’s a little more stable!

playing my first gig with the patch next week, and working to tighten it all up over the next few days.


cool!!! :crazy_face: no rush, have a great gig next week! :wink:


hi, congratulations for your work on the organelle with monome, i m really surprised! do you think it could be possible to do the same thing with a simple launchpad?


yes, i’m pretty sure it could be made to work with a launchpad. i’m planning on releasing the looping portion of this patch when i have a minute to clean it up, which can be adapted to work with whatever control surface. more info on the lines/monome forum here:


thank you very much! what a great work!


ok, here are my first set of tools for implementing an mlr-like system in pd.

download includes a record object [jblr.record], playback object [], and a couple utility abstractions that handle dynamic non-local variables. documentation in the DEMO.pd patch should make pretty clear what’s going on, but any questions just let me know.

doesn’t include any of the monome- or organelle-specific stuff (yet), but if you have a look at the messages for [] like “low”, “high”, and “goto” (as well as the loop position output)… should give you some clues on how to set it up.

(note: these do require the pd-extended library for a few essentials like [zl] from cyclone.)


wonderful! thank you so much for sharing this! :raised_hands:

Editing "basic sampler" to be more than 2 seconds

just finished up encapsulating and writing some documentation for the first of a few monome extensions i plan on releasing. this first round will allow the a row of the grid to display playhead position and record status for a given loop, dynamically control subloop startpoint, subloop endpoint, and playback direction (using two-finger gestures), and jump to a position in the subloop (using single button presses).

you can download v2.0 here:

note that there were some modifications to the [jblr.record] and [] objects to allow the monome extenstions to work as seamlessly as possible. the basic functionality for those is exactly the same, so i’d recommend just replacing the original v1.0 abstractions with these new ones whether or not you plan on using with monome.


Thank you so much for doing this. I’ll try as soon as I can !


once again, thank you so much for doing this! :raised_hands::+1::clap: I’ll try it asap!


@chapelierfou @sno no problem! feedback/questions are welcome…

in the meantime, here’s another video of the organelle/monome looping system in action.


Thank you very much for this fantastic work, it is exciting. I would be very grateful if I could directly download a patch to use it. Sorry, I know nothing about programming and I do not know how to make it work. Thank you very much!! :slight_smile:


It’s not clear to me exactly - should v2.0 work out of the box with a monome grid (I assume serialosc installation is a prerequisite), or is some assembly required?

The video demos sound tremendous - I’m super excited to give this a go!