Set and poll knob variables via SSH

Not super up to speed with python, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to poll and set the Eyesy knob parameters, persist, and mode/scene via the SSH console? I think a UDP would bet better but I’ll take what I can get. I have a customer with a crestron control system who would like to add the controls to a touch panel and my options are tcp udp ssh or 232. I figured if there was a way to print(etc.knob1) and then assign it a value somehow as well I could make this work…

OSC might be a way to get there?

@oweno Did those OSC changes to Python get in a release yet?

I made a TouchOSC template for remote control awhile back if that is a possible solution to your customer need.

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That would certainly be a helpful start I still have to figure out how to successfully format an OSC UDP packets from the crestron end as I can’t find anyone who has documented that, at the very least I could put a app link on the ipad to Touch OSC for now.

Is this helpful? Eyesy UART

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