Setting up Orac 2.0 remote control question


Hey! I hope you’re all doing well. I apologize in advance for the total noob question I am a new organelle owner and I absolutely LOVE IT!

Im trying to learn how to set up the ORAC remote control so I can change the “chains” (like the one chain of 10 modules or so on…) in 2.0. I have it installed and I have MEC installed. But Im having trouble setting up the remote control in PD to get it running. I have PD and i have the ORAC remote control, I read the remote control readme text and its saying I need to install MR peach. I downloaded them on my macbook but Im not sure where to put them? Can i get any insight on where to put them? I watched all of the videos maybe I missed something? I need to use remote control to change the chains right? Thanks in advance!

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Also any insight on getting the remote control set up or how to change the module “chains” would be appreciated! Sorry guys I’m trying!

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Nevermind I realized you dont need remote control to change the modulation chains I apologize!

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Cool, sorry for not responding but I’m at superbooth, which has near nil phone/WiFi coverage - instead your forced to play with synths :wink:

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You are all good! Have fun at superbooth!!! :smiley: