Orac 2.0 Midi PC footswitch

I’ve been using an Organelle S in my live setup for awhile. I Love it. I only just recently dove in to Orac 2.0. Amazing and so capable for live performance. I have a relatively simple question to which I haven’t been able to find an answer.

How do i integrate with a midi foot switch so that the Orac changes presets (orac presets) when i send it Midi PC messages?

I use a Morningstar Mc-6 midi pedal to select presets on my pedals and another synth. I would love it if I could also get Orac to listen so that between songs, I just press one switch to change all of my presets.

I’m wondering if someone can post a quick walk through of this. It appears Orac can handle PC messages. I have pc enabled in the router module. But I can’t seem to figure out which midi channel I should be sending on. The Organelle ‘global’ channel? It hasn’t worked for me yet, but I must be missing something kind of simple.