Shipping Organelle to Canada

Hi everyone,

Hopefully this is the right spot for this, I couldn’t find much info on this anywhere on the web so thought I’d ask here. If this is the wrong spot, apologies!

Organelles seem to be pretty tough to find here in Canada, so I think ordering directly from Critter and Guitari is the only way to go about getting one. I’m moving in about a month and a half, so I was just wondering if anyone here could speak to the shipping time to Canada? I just discovered this instrument and I’m eager to try it out, but obviously I want to avoid the headache of changing the shipping address or whatever if shipping times are pretty long.

Thank you!

They do sell it at Moog audio in Toronto and Montreal :slight_smile:

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Unless they’ve changed their carrier I believe C&G use UPS and UPS does deliver up north regularly so it’s almost certainly not going to be a month. I think when you check out there’s an option to rush I may be wrong otherwise it’s basic UPS. You should be able to get an idea off their site.
Good luck!

Unfortunately I’m in Alberta, as far as I can tell they don’t currently sell the organelle online.

Good to know Lazaruz, thank you!