Simple Organelle setup - monitoring and recording

I want to spend as little money as possible and create a basic setup to:

  1. play synth patches and/or guitar through fx patches straight into a monitor (KRK Rokit 5)
  2. record Organelle into DAW
  3. be able to connect mic into Organelle.
    Can you plug Organelle output straight into this monitor or just through a mixer or AI? Am I correct that Zoom H5 can do it all - act as a mixer (if needed for no. 1 scenario)/ as an audio interface for recording into DAW/ as a mic to process vocals inside the Organelle?

You can plug the Organelle straight to a monitor, but a mixer would be preferable, that way you could sum the stereo output of Organelle into the mono input of the monitor. You can plug microphones into the input of the Organelle, but the results are probably bad, unless the microphone has some kind of built-in preamp and a line level output (such as the Zoom H5 has I think).

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