Slice//Jockey for Pure Data on Organelle?

I recently discovered and was amazed by this real-time-beat-slicing musical “game” for Pure Data, and obviously was wondering if it would be possible to bring it to the Organelle.
We lack the touchscreen but have a nice set of buttons and knobs…

For more information on it you can visit:

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I did like four simulations of Katja’s work a few months ago :slight_smile: I love her soundtouch~ external and i also did a simple patch that converts helmholtz~ to organelle. Because there is so much emphasis on the visual aspect and clicking and dragging [and the way it’s built] in the end i just made simulations of Slicejockey [there is also a version of raspberry pi]. There is one someone just mentioned today called “Sliced” on patchstorage [and a few others I’m sure] i credited her research for some of the work i did for the harmonizer too. Her work is a blessing for the pd community.

Oooh a game controller to control it. Never seen this video before! So awesome!!!

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You are totally right @shreeswifty, I have been enjoying those iterations you created since the release of ShmorphaGene 4 months ago, then Helmholtz and sliced (and I am guessing a bit of that went into C25), but ever made the connection between the name Katja Vetter you kept dropping in the past and the Slice//Jockey video I recently discovered… my bad.
Anyhow, thanks again for your work, it is also a blessing for the Organelle community!

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thank you.
The next name i would love to share is a friend of mine and a great pd coder
Alexandre Torres Porres. One of the next instruments uses his incredible “else” libraries which are AMAZING :slight_smile:

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Katja’s work is sooo nice.
Thank’s gonzohj for mention him. I didn’t know him.
So so nice.

Where I say him I should say HER. Sorry, Katja, for the gender unexpected change!

Hey :slight_smile:

There is a second version of SliceJockey called PicoJockey that is intended to work on a Pi3. The original SliceJockey is pretty heavy, according to Katjaa, so she made the Pico jockey, a simpler version for less powerful system

But Have not gotten any of ten working here yet. There are alof of weird thing happening when I open the patch, like"signal connect to non signal inlet- ignored" and som other stuff I cant figure out how to fix, like som dylib files missing. I tried updating the X11 so I could run extended, but still get errors when I open the patch and no sounds… Eventually I am sure I will get it working :slight_smile:

the issue is that regardless of it being made for raspberry it requires [IMHO] too much visual interaction with the moving of the effects values in the grid area. After a while i just got too frustrated with it and decided to move on and just try to replicate ideas from it i liked.

Yeah, it os kind of complicated. As said I think I actually never really used it. I only had it working one time. And after I recently reinstalled my computer, I have now been able to get it working.

But yeah, would really love to get it working to try it out and probably do the same > grab the good stuff and make my own version :slight_smile: