Slicer for Orac

Yeah, the key for audio input are two important facts :

  • audio input without a jack in organelle , creates noise, that is why it’s turned off by default !

  • it can be quite configured ‘per chain’, so you can have left going down chain 1 and right down chain 2, or stereo down multiple chains ( parallel effects).

Like many things , I think once you know , then it makes sense - but before that perhaps not obvious where to look :wink:

Indeed. Already getting the hang of it. I was looking at version 1 tutorials and version 2.0 is slightly different, that was why I couldn’t find the inputs. All makes sense now. One thing I’ve noticed is that if I want to use effects, I have to put them on P2. On P1 they hardly do anything. But again that might be wrong routing on my part.

Thanks again!

P1 is preprocessing- the C&G video illustrates this.

Apologies, only looked at your videos and loopops. Will check that one as well.

Hello there. Thank you @thetechnobear , slicer is the most used patch in my setup I can not be more grateful to you and to the whole community. I have two slicers in my orac, running guitar and some percussions into them (separate stereo to two mono) slight_smile: .
There is one thing that I can´t fix. Maybe there is a very easy solution but I can’t find it. I can not get exact 50% of pitch or - 50%. The closest range that i can get is the 48.6% and 52.6%. I also tried with pd client and with trackpad and I couldn’t get it to stop by 50% (- 1 octave). It jumps from 48.6% to 52.6% and can’t get the exact 50% value (is there some “resolution” issue?). Is there any solution for this in pd client, so that I can save my presets with the exact values?
I would be very grateful if someone could help me :pray:
Thank you very much!

glad you like it :slight_smile:

ok, so I had a quick look… I guess you are talking about rate?

so the issue is to do with how many ‘steps’ there are on the potentiometer and then how that maps to the real values… ( I can’t remember off hand exactly where than ‘quantisation’ happens)
you can kind of see this, if you twiddle the knob on the organelle to the end and back, sometimes you can get closer to 50 (e.g. 50.2 )

well you could edit module.json (in the slicer directory) , the smaller the range for play rate, then the more accurate it will be e.g. if you changed it to

        ["pct","rate-1","Play Rate",-200,200,100],


        ["pct","rate-1","Play Rate",-100,100,100],

then it will have double the resolution, this may help, but might not solve the issue entirely.

a ‘hack’ would be to change the sliceplay.pd

currently its [r rate-$2-$1] → [/ 100] →
you could instead round this to the nearest 10

currently its [r rate-$2-$1] → [/ 10] → [int] → [/ 10] →
it would then step 0,10,20

note: this is a HACK because the UI will not tell you this, it’ll just functionally behave like this!

another alternative would be to turn this into a division rate…
(which would be my preferred option, albeit fractionally more involved :wink: )

first in module.json we’d change the parameter , to an int (from pct) and to have a suitable range.

        ["int","rate-1","Play Div",-10, 10,1],

so now 1 = original speed, 2 = half speed

(I just changed ‘name’ to make more sense you can still leave the same)

then we need to change the spliceplay to reflect this change.

[r rate-$2-$1] → [expr 1 / $f1] →

again this primarily works, since the number of steps is smaller

note: any saved presets, would have to be ‘updated’ as they’d have the wrong value.

finally … :slight_smile:

you can actually edit the preset file that you save.
… as mentioned above, this ‘stepping’ is a feature of the UI.
if you edit a preset, and load it in Orac… it will use using the exact value from the preset.
(just don’t touch the rate in the UI :wink: )

so lots of options…

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