Social Media Thread :D

Hi! Bly here! This is related to the huge music thread, but I’m seeking something slightly more specific.

I’ve connected with a few Organelle users on social media, and I would love to connect with more of the C&G community. It’s really fun for me to see what people are creating and experiencing and ruminating on, and it seems like a lot of C&G-wielding musicians are like-minded/-spirited in many ways.

If you’re comfortable being followed on social media, please do share links to your Instagram/Twitter/TikTok etc.! I’m gonna follow everyone.

I suppose I should share mine…


<3 Love to you all!
Have a beautiful vernal equinox/Ostara/whatever you call it! :smiley: REBIRTH
<3 Bly

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My OG is a big protagonist in my instagram. :slight_smile: