Total Noob Please Help

Hi Organelle Peeps!

Consider me a blank slate.

I bought the Organelle M not realizing the sheer cliff I was about to jump off of.

This is my first synthesizer and I’m a total noob on just about everything.

I failed at what should be the simplest of tasks in connecting the instrument to wifi.

I’m not someone who gives up however, so I’m looking for advice on what the individual keys do and how to just start making some music.

It’s been crazy hard to find tutorials that are in depth on what the buttons do (since there are no labels).

I’m excited to learn it and any advice would be most welcome on where to begin.

I understand I’m probably out of my depth having no knowledge on pure data or synths/music gear in general.

Just trying to start a new hobby and get through the pandemic :slight_smile:


A good place to start off is the C&G YouTube channel, they demo all the patches they make there:

Find one you like the sound of and follow along to learn the controls.

Every patch is set up differently so mostly it’s a process of learning a patch in depth or just skimming a bunch of them.

You’ll find many repeated UI elements as you learn new patches which makes it easier as you go along.

If you have read the manual and followed the various threads on here about connecting to wi-fi then you can post in more detail about the steps you’ve taken and the issues you’re having and people are pretty helpful.

The organelle was my first synth too, it’s an amazing open platform, with endless possibilities and that is both amazing and also a bit daunting.

Start with reading the manual about wifi:

  • Use AP mode
  • Start the web interface
  • Connect to the organelle-wifi with a mobile phone or computer and load the webpage of the web interface (organellem.local)
  • Edit wifi-settings so your organelle can connect to your wifi.

Next check out different patches. You select one with the knob on the right of the screen. It is a button too. If you chose a synth, the keyboard will work as expected whereas the leftmost key has a special function. It is called the Aux-button and often switches through pages on the screen. The knobs to the left of the screen change values as indicated on screen (mostly).

Learn about patches on YouTube or the description on patch storage.

You don’t have to know anything about pure data to have fun with this beautiful instrument.

Keeponrowling - Yep I’m a noob here too - just interested to see if you got your Wifi link working?

Hi All,

Thank you for your wise words.

I did figure out the Wifi issue…I didn’t have the exact spelling of the network correctly entered.

I’m going to keep digging into it. Really confused still, but hopefully as I mess around I’ll learn it more.

If you have any video recommendations on using the microphone recorder or how to enter samples that would be amazing :slight_smile:

Hope to understand it better soon!


If you want to add your own samples to patches, you can upload them with the web interface. Browse the Patches folders and look for the appropriate directory (folder) to upload them to.

Hey All,

Thank you so much for your help.

I’ve been playing around with some of the patches and it’s so so fun.

Another issue that’s come up for me is how to activate the microphone to sample things.

I tried looking at the patch called “Tapey” and can’t make sense of it.

First, the sounds that come from the patch are very different from that in the C&G Tapey video.

Mine sound like recorded guitar sounds and theirs sounds like a voice sample.

Also, I tried replicating the buttons pressed by the person in the video and they just don’t translate…when I hit the aux button + REC it says Rec Armd, but then nothing happens after that. It doesn’t seem to activate the microphone so that I can sample.

Anyone have any pro tips on how to make the mic work and start sampling?


Sorry for the confusion - we updated the patch functionality and replaced the default samples in the process.

Yes, the patch is waiting and won’t start recording until an audio threshold is met. If you want to use the onboard mic, you will need to select the mic on the rear panel’s input selection switch. The mic is symbolized with the 2x3 grid of filled circles.