Ela Minus

Just stumbled upon this

@2:55 speaking about the organelle:

“It’s a synth I worked on.
I helped design it and build it”

that’s an awesome insight.
what contributions did Ela make?


Is she talking about a patch or the synth itself???

Ela has been present in a number of social media posts from c&g that ive seen so this makes sense, sounds like the arp synth patch playing in that video - though i have no idea if that means she worked on that patch or the software/hardware. Very cool! Sounds like c&g have an ever changing lab of patchers coming through. there is a really good minidoc with c&g on youtube featuring items like the pocket piano and kaleidoloop, but these are discontinued now and i’d love to get an insight into the patch writing process, inspiration for official organelle patches and modes for ETC, along with ONDA development. They are each perpetually changing in terms of their capability, which would be a great subject for an interview or docu.

Id love to hear more from @oweno and @chrisk about their development process, bother of products and patches - there patches are quite unique, a bit experimental but always musical and thats a difficult thing to pull off - so hearing more about their inspiration would be cool.
(of course, I think most of that inspiration comes from within themselves, rather than other artists)

I guess what Id like is a follow up to this video (which I think is pre organelle/etc era) … this video was one of the reasons I starting following C&G, and ultimately the Organelle… as I liked what they had to say :slight_smile: