Source code for clocker/clockerfix/etc... externals?

hello, i downloaded few organelle patches which i try to run on desktop with mother patch - everything looks fine except i am not able to find clocker/clockfix/abl_link~/libabl_link~ source code - as i need it to compile for my 64arch. i am sorry if it was asked before / sorry for lack of my searching skills … but will appreciate simple answer. regards and thnx for great work!


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great, thnx for fast reply… just one more small question/issue which is not so clear:

in organelle patches dir CG-Pd-Library-Local/external is file named clockfix.pd_linux - hmm, it is compiled fixer.c from clocker repository or it comes from some other repo? (as makefile from clocker generates only clocker.pd_linux and fixer.pd_linux)

oh oops, the critterandguitari one is an earlier fork, the main one here: