Paulstretch (extreme time stretch) on Organelle!?

is there anything like Paulstretch (extreme time stretch) on Organelle!?

if not - there is a vanilla PD patch by MNB
maybe some skilled fellow could port it?!
would be amazing. Thanks!

small paul
small and simple implementation of paul nascas paulstretch-algorithm



I’m interested too !

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Interested here too!

Oh yes interested too !

It has very few parameters, the small pall pd patch, so it’s a pretty simple job to make.

If you are going to try making it, I’d suggest using derek kwans cleaned up version of MBs small paul patch. This version accepts audio rate input, for position, so you can use a phasor. You can find it here:

Its called paulstretch or something like that. dkpaulstretch…


I’m at the very start of my PD journey (i’m good in Reaktor…:slight_smile:
thats why I posted here this call- maybe some PD meister will take it
and make us happy:)

and here it is

thanks to soxsa !!!:slight_smile:


Thanks, it still work in progress but currently at V0.4 and has two stages of the C&G 13FX effects in, as well as it’s own reverb at the end of the chain.

Also you can change the pitch using the normal keys, so play it to some extent.

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Now at version 0.6, including the C&G simpler looper actioned on Aux+D# and a start/stop sample play on Aux+F#

For even more chaos.


Now at version 0.7 with Aux+G# toggling foward/reverse play of the sample. Unless anyone can think of something nice to go on Aux+A#, that’s it for this patch. Aside from bug fixing.


audio in monitor??

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Thanks but not sure of that’s going to be a simple on/off thing.

All good. Was a hail Mary

Sorry but I didn’t really understand either of your posts

I believe it was a request for there to be a toggle on whether the untreated audio coming into the patch was passed to the output.

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I see. I could do that but it doesn’t sound very interesting. If there’s an artistic reason for it I’m all ears :slight_smile:

At the minute I’m thinking of replacing the reverb knob (which can be done in FX) with a volume boost or some kind of limiter - as I’m finding some interesting outputs are pretty quiet.