BreakBeat [BBCUT] Granular Drums with Reverb

Thinking about making a Granular Drum kit to get me going and then once i have made one i should have a template to make a suite rather soon.

So far I’m thinking:
gRanular Drum kit a la BBCUT
Spectral Delay II
Pulsar Synth
Traditional Max Granular Sampler


can someone point me to the documentation to make an Organelle patch please?

The basics of Pd programming for the Organelle are covered in the manual.

The Organelle runs regular Pd, so knowing how to create Pd patches in general is essential. This is a good video tutorial on Pd:

Where can i find the pd that is running on the Organelle?
that would be awesome to be able to build patches with the screenLineX objects etc

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