State of OSC on 4.1 OgM

What is the state of OSC implementation and serial protocol on the Organelle M?

Organelle M
v4.1 (recently installed)
ext thumbdrive 128Gb (for patches and sample data).
Monome 256
Arc (original)

I can succesfully and reliably use Comport for reading OSC data (from Monome and Arc) but have so far been unsuccessful sending OSC data to any external device, including the Monome’s.

PS I have an original Organelle with 3.1 and talks OSC and serial both ways but need to get the OrgM as an option.

Comport isn’t really for OSC. you could use the native OSC objects or the “mrpeach” ones for that purpose.

Comport receives OSC fine. I have tried the OSC object extensively and they work on OrganelleM and Rasberry Pi but something is broken with OrgM and permissions. No matter what you do with [upsend] its a no go. Receiving isn;t a probme, its the other way round. Yes I use MrPeach object fine, but as I stated, upsend does not work when sending OSC from the OrgM to external devices.

The receiving device will need to be on the network and listening on the correct port… The monome stuff connects via USB serial is that right? so [udpsend] would not work in this case

I started to experiment because I have serialOsc (Patchstorage example) working fine and reliably on the original Organelle 3.1. The same patch also works fine on OSX and can receive both grid and Arc data and send LED data to both.

But on the Organelle M it just wont play. Consequently I tried various methodsI have tried various ways to try and connect to send led info to my arc and Grid. So after doing some research I tried upsend (error 111 Connection refused), I tried Comport (help file). Read both devices data fine, but not sending. I don;t seem to be able to send any OSC data using MrPeach’s OSC objects and examples.

SerialOSC also works on Osx and Raspberry Pi (which surprises me as the M is a Raspi)

Does anyone have an actual patch or example they think should work on the M ? I have not seen one yet, including the Monome Grid Sequencer on Patchstorage.

At the end of the day I do have the orignal Organelle to take on that task but its a shame that the OrgM is broken in this respect as it would be useful option.

Organelle Original. USB powered hub, one recommended by users here.
Monome Grid
Monome Arc

Organelle M 4.1
Powered USB hub
Monome grid
Monome Arc

Many thanks

Yes, Im aware of the need for the correct port.