Comport with Grid

Hi all,

SerialOSC isn’t working with my 2021 grid and Organelle M. I’ve read here that people have had success with comport (not sure if they’re using 2021 grid or not), In any case, I’m interested in testing out comport as a workaround for SerialOSC.

Does anyone have a recommended resource/repo using Comport in Organelle patches?



FWIW - there’s some discussion on the lines forum about this. I think if you pull the most recent SerialOSC code and compile it yourself it will work.

I know I had some recent problems with serialoscdetector not seeing my DIY grid, but I’d need to go back and look at the code again.

EDIT - OOps - looks like you’re already on that thread over there.

Here’s the link to where things got fixed.

Also here’s a fairly new set of pd grid objects

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This is great! Thanks @okyeron
I will update with results.

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DM me if you run into trouble. I had to do some monkeying around to compile serialosc on my pi3