Stepmother - Rpi - Experiments

this isn’t the kind of “I want to build a very cheap Organelle clone post” but I have the feeling that there is a lot of interest in using the organelle patches in different technical environments and I would love to share ideas.

I experiment with the Rpi (with hifiberry sound card) and a two simple korg controllers. I’ve been using pure data for quite some time now but always struggled to develop a modular system to reuse my patches and use patches from other people easily. The organelle patches seem to be a very good starting point to build my own stuff but also a great resource for inspiration (technical and creative).

I found this stepmother patch last week ( which helped to get most organelle patches running on my Rpi. The page feature was missing but I added this very fast. Right now I am controlling everything from my midi controller. I use the display in the stepmother patch as my display which is ok so far - it loads different pages very well but it doesn’t display the graphical stuff.

Does anyone have an interest in the updated stepmother patch? Let me know, I can make beautiful and just upload it.

But my main question was this: Is there anyone else interest in a project like this? I don’t have a lot of knowledge but maybe for someone else it can still be interesting. Or maybe someone is reading this and knows so much more then me and would love to give me a hint.

In the following weeks I want to build an arduino-midi-controller with an oled display. I want to see if I could display the screen information there. I am planning to let the controller and arduino communicate through usb-midi. In that way a patch like stepmother could be used on a much stronger computer and run organelle patches which are also much more demanding.


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I’m certainly interested in this.
I was myself thinking in cloning to GEN all the graphic methods for drawing on the Organelle display, so the patches can be hear and saw properly on a computer. Mostly because I’m making some graphic intensive patches, and it’s kinda a pain only been able to see the results on the Organelle. But I know that some day my organelle will die, and that day I will want that my patches can run easily on other device.
Today I made a truetype font of the most used textfont size, if you need it just ask.

Wonderfull! Sounds like I have a lot to learn from you. Which device/system are you using it on (win/mac/raspbian/other linux)? I guess Gen is a typo and you mean Gem? I never used it but it would be certainly interesting to use it. Is your idea to use those Gem images on a desktop computer then or do want to use on a smaller screen?

Sorry. So many questions.

Dear Fatima,

just came across your post and I am definitely interested in your updated step-mother patch :grinning: is it uploaded on patchstorage?

Hey Roberto,
I worked on it for quite some time but never got sufficient results. It always needed a lot fixing. But there is a MOM-Patch that emulates organelle patches really well, as far as I know.

Anyway my lesson was this: I stopped trying to just play the organellepatches. I am building my own PD bases Rpi sampler/synth/drummachine that integrates many ideas from organelle patches.

Maybe that helps too?