SuperCollider compiling error


I’m new here and have just gotten my organelle m.
I updated to OS 4.1 from 3.2 (not that it should matter as I flashed the sd-card).
Whenever I launch SuperCollider through a patch it gives an error message.
Even when using the empty patch from the techno bear.
The error looks like this:

compiling class library…
Found 715 primitives.
Compiling directory ‘/usr/share/SuperCollider/SCClassLibrary’
Compiling directory ‘/usr/share/SuperCollider/Extensions’
numentries = 814805 / 11704740 = 0.07
5230 method selectors, 2238 classes
method table size 6264276 bytes, big table size 46818960
Number of Symbols 11975
Byte Code Size 365813
compiled 321 files in 1.67 seconds

Info: 4 methods are currently overwritten by extensions. To see which, execute:

compile done
Warning: Read-only file system ("/home/music/.local/share/SuperCollider/synthdefs/")
localhost : setting clientID to 0.
internal : setting clientID to 0.
Warning: Read-only file system ("/home/music/.local/share/SuperCollider/downloaded-quarks")
Class tree inited in 0.07 seconds

*** Welcome to SuperCollider 3.9.3. *** For help press Ctrl-D.
file “/home/music/.local/share/SuperCollider/Help/scdoc_version” does not exist.
Warning: Read-only file system ("/home/music/.local/share/SuperCollider/Help")
ERROR: Primitive ‘_FileWrite’ failed.
Instance of File { (0x34854d0, gc=74, fmt=00, flg=00, set=03)
instance variables [1]
fileptr : nil

Meta_MethodError:new 0x2182ca0
arg this = PrimitiveFailedError
arg what = Failed.
arg receiver = a File
Meta_PrimitiveFailedError:new 0x21865a0
arg this = PrimitiveFailedError
arg receiver = a File
Object:primitiveFailed 0x1e64460
arg this = a File
Meta_SCDoc:checkVersion 0x21173e0
arg this = SCDoc
arg clearCache = false
var f = a File
var path = /home/music/.local/share/SuperCollider/Help/scdoc_version
Meta_SCDoc:indexAllDocuments 0x2111560
arg this = SCDoc
arg clearCache = false
var now = 5.055896977
var key = nil
var doc = nil
var nonHelpFiles = nil
var undocClasses = IdentitySet[ MIDIFuncSrcMessageMatcher, BHiShelf, ArrayedCollection, DelTapRd, Hasher, QSoundFileView, ServerMeter, ServerStatusWatcher, LagControl, VDiskIn, Pan4, PathName, ServerTree, MultiTap, WiiMoteIRObject, AbstractNodeWatcher, Slider, SynthDefControl, ServerOptions, HIDCollection, DragSource, VarLag, SendPeakRMS, APF, AllpassN, SpecCentroid, Watcher, OSCresponder, HenonC, PopUpMenu, Sum3, TextArchiveMDPlugin, KeyState, QStaticText, HIDdef, MonitorGui, Pstep3add, Maybe, QKeyModifiers, LatoocarfianL, P…etc…
var additions = Dictionary[ ]
Meta_SCDoc:documents 0x2113760
arg this = SCDoc
Meta_SCDoc:prepareHelpForURL 0x2115da0
arg this = SCDoc
arg url = file:///home/music/.local/share/SuperCollider/Help/Help.html
var path = /home/music/.local/share/SuperCollider/Help/Help.html
var targetBasePath = /home/music/.local/share/SuperCollider/Help
var pathIsCaseInsensitive = false
var subtarget = Help
var src = nil
var c = nil
var cmd = nil
var doc = nil
var destExist = false
var destMtime = nil
var verpath = /home/music/.local/share/SuperCollider/Help/version
a FunctionDef 0x20954a0
sourceCode = “”
Function:prTry 0x22e6d20
arg this = a Function
var result = nil
var thread = a Routine
var next = nil
var wasInProtectedFunc = true

arg this =
< closed FunctionDef >
arg error =
arg this = 0
arg endval = 0
arg stepval = 2
arg function =
var i = 0
var j = 0
arg this = [*2]
arg function =
arg this =
arg newSeconds = 5.075224581
arg this =
var saveClock =
arg this =
^^ The preceding error dump is for ERROR: Primitive ‘_FileWrite’ failed.

I don’t know where to go from here.
Please someone help :slight_smile:

Kind regards,