SuperCollider On Organelle


so we realy need a Multipage Template for SuperCollider after all Mark’s hard work.
I originally was considering using the Shell external and Pd with SC3 as an effect but for i think at this point time/respect wise i am going to proceed as Mark suggested.

I think if we construct a template for the SC feature less code savvy Organelle users will be able to take advantage of this wonderful feature more readily, i will slate THAT as a todo after a few pressing concerns.

My Main 2 interests in SC initially are BBcut and Gendy(s) how about others on here?
Anyone already begun on a patch template?


you can look at my ‘SimplyPolySynth’ as a template

at the moment my focus is on TB18, which I’m hoping will be the last beta before an official release…
theres some bigger stuff in TB18 - and importantly for SC, it allows the mother.scd to be overridden in the same way as mother.pd can be
… this is pretty important during these early days of development for mother.scd where its like it will need to be updated between releases

multipage, yeah I think I know how I want to do it, such that it’ll be easy to use (easier than the pd one).

but it’ll be after to TB18, and possibly a small OTC update, and updating all the installers!
(Ive worked out some rather ‘cute’ things to add to OTC)
… all I need is to now have 26 hours in the day ;


Right, i assumed as much everyone is so busy these days :slight_smile:

I don’t have time to create one right now either so i put the word out I am going to direct a few patreon dollars towards paying a Hague grad SC student to make one. We should have one by Monday or Tuesday.

On another note:
I was able to get the sdcard working, everything installed and updated and almost a full gig of extra space
I am going to prune some patches/doubles but the sdcard thing is working well, thanks for that stuff


cool, yeah once you start using the sdcard, its hard to use the usbdrive again…
its how a couple of bugs have crept in on my beta, as i forget to test the usbdrive … :wink:
… the good news is most use the usbdrive, and i use the sdcard , so both are now well tested.

what we really could do with doing, is creating a 8gb OS image with it preconfigured… ifs it done properly (sparse image), then it will actually be (basically) the same size as the current 4gb image, as it would be empty.
… or perhaps even better, preload it with the C&G patches, so you turn on your Organelle… and bang, it just works :slight_smile:

perhaps @oweno could do this for the new release, provide both a 4gb and 8gb image… better to have it hosted at C&G.
(the extra ‘user 4gb’ , could then be extended if the user has a bigger card… though frankly, 4gb userspace is good enough for most users ;))

ok, back to SC, I’ll take a better look once TB18 is done…
but it would be cool if you start playing with it, you always get a better feel for what can be improved when you start patching in anger.


I like the sound of that! Haven’t got my head around using only the SD card; there’s so much good stuff happening on those 26h days :wink:


yes, this is the plan :wink:

8GB image with partition for patches will be downloadable (and probably even sold in the store)

Instructions to Update to Organelle OS3.0

This is cool and i am getting some patches that were too “heavy” for the USB stick to work but that is a danger for me too because i do not want to make patches users cannot run, hence the two organelles.
One has to stay as shipped and one if my fancy pants one


i should have an 8 page template in a few hours


I have the latest OS beta up and running, also the latest SC_Install in the System folder but upon trying to install SC I always get the “Install failed - files corrupt” message. Otherwise the Organelle works normally. Any advice? Thanks!


Re-download, I think I mentioned it was corrupt a while back for a few hours.
but this is now lost in all the above chat.

Can I ask we keep this thread for discussing the release and support of SC, lets open another thread for chatting about SC/patches etc.
Will help if people have install issues etc.


Hey Mark,
Yes, you did mention the files were corrupt but I could first download SC_INSTALL only yesterday when the corrected version had been up on patchstorage for like 5 days. It says SC_INSTALL 2 after unzipping so me thinks it’s the correct one. After the first fail I deleted everything SC-related, created a new System folder, redownloaded, reunzipped, recopied the install file but got the same fail message. Tried multiple unzip tools and several USB drives.
The SC install log’s saying ‘Files corrupted - redownload/check media’.
Guess this has gotta do something with my Organelle as others did install it OK.


delete all the files and start again, same thing happened to me and after removing all other sc_installs and re-downloading and removing traces then it worked straight away


shouldn’t be… this error comes from a sha1 check…
what this means, is that I check the ‘fingerprint’ of every file, and see if it matches what I uploaded.
basically, if the file was corrupt on patchstorage, then it would be corrupt for everyone that tries to install it… (regardless of if they have previously installed or not, as the check is prior to installation)

the reason Ive put this check in, and also C&G put it into the upgrades, is we have see a lot of troubles with the usbstick, basically small file corruptions esp. when patches have contained alot of files… this is why you will see recommendations, not to use the C&G supplied stick, and also to reformat it.

that all said, i will download it again, and try to reinstall… but i think given @shreeswifty has done it recently, and i did it after the patch storage issue… I’m fairly confident its fine.
but… hey everything is fallible :slight_smile:

EDIT: ok @jooga1972 , I downloaded and reinstalled on my ‘clean’ organelle, and it worked fine.
did you put it in the System directory?
if you did, then sorry, to say, but I think your usb stick is probably to blame :frowning:

note: TB18/next release is going to feature a new ‘installer’ feature, which will make the installation ‘inconsistencies’ a thing of the past … or at least thats my intentions/hope :wink:


hi yeah
i just did the whole deal TB17/sc_install and the internal sdcard switch out and everyting is working fine.
i know that does not help when you are fight ing something not working but it’s sexy not having the usb sticking out lol


@thetechnobear “… did you put it in the System directory?”

Yep, but first I had to create the directory as it didn’t exist before. Maybe it’s here where I got something wrong? I’m thinking what you gotta do is create the System directory in the root of the USB drive, copy SC_INSTALL in it and there you go, right? As for the USB drive, I don’t use the piece that came with the Organelle, though the one I do use is probably as generic as can be. But It does work all right, other than slow copy/write/delete processes, have had no issues so far. I of course tried both Organelle-related sticks in the house to install SC, to no avail.
This has been probably discussed here on the forum extensively but can you please recommend a make-/type of stick that is supposed to work flawlessly with the Organelle? Or do I wait for TB18 and see what happens?
Thanks a bunch!


yeah making the system directory is normal.

I can only suspect what your using to unzip the file, is perhaps introducing some temporary/hidden files or something - no matter with TB18 this will all change :slight_smile:
I’ll see if I can finalize this ASAP.


OK, TB18 is released… and along side it Ive released a new installer zip for SC.

if you already have SC installed, you don’t need to run it, (though you will want TB18 for other SC benefits)

@jooga1972 - have a go installing TB18, and then this new style ‘installer zip’
(note: you dont need to unzip the SC_Install, just place it in your patches directory, then TB18 will offer you the option to install it)
good luck :crossed_fingers:


Thanks Mark, guess I acted a little too soon last night - did the update then unzipped the SC installer and copied it to the System directory, just like with the earlier version. It didn’t work, now I know why. :slight_smile: Will try the new approach later today. Thanks for your help and all. :slight_smile:

Update: I’m glad to report that SC installed OK under the new beta OS. I did it as you suggested: copied the unzipped SC_Install to the patch folder, then TB18 unzipped and installed it like a charm. :smiley:
Thanks a bunch for your support!


cool, glad you got it to work :slight_smile:

just a clarification for others…
just copy the zipfile to the patches folder (do not unzip it on your computer first)

i know this is a complete change from how it was done in the past, where zip files had to be unzipped before moving… so its a little ‘confusing/surprising at first’ - but this improvement (in TB18) will prevent a number of issues that previously occurred when users were transferring files… and of course its easier, one less step :slight_smile:


Installed and up and running here now. Everything seems to work with the test patch.