SuperCollider On Organelle


Ok, installed is now a ZOP file for OS 3.0.
note: if you already have installed, no need to update, its the same version.


i assume i should update to 3.0 reagrdless – any WoWs i should keep in mind?


Yup install OS3, just becareful if you changed mother.scd, move this to /system

(You don’t need to run sc_install again)


no have not changed it but i have my legion —ok not a legion 2 — 2 coders working on it

I have a test 4 knob working


Might be of interest. I was keen to get client/server running on the organelle - not least because it makes patch development easier and I can now easily integrate my supercollider stuff into my DAW and mix it with my hardware.

you’ll need to find the IP of your organelle (I just did “ping organelle” and copied the IP).

I had the “Simple Poly” patch running while I did all this - I presume scsynth is only running then. I found the port number by ssh’ing into the organelle and doing “ps aux | grep scsynth” - the -u parameter shows the port - I’ve no idea if it changes between runs/

~organelle = Server("organelle",NetAddr("",57110)); // not sure if this is necessary - I suspect not ~organelle.boot;

// check we are connected
SynthDef(“sine”, {,, 0, 0.2)) }).send(~organelle);
~organelle.sendMsg(“s_new”, “sine”, n = ~organelle.nextNodeID, 0, 1);
~organelle.sendMsg("/n_free", n);

// if we make the remote organelle server our default we should
// just be able to use it as if it were our local server
Server.default = ~organelle;
a = Synth(\sine );;

all working for me!


no the port stays the same on every run.

you can also use the ‘empty SC project’ rather than the simple poly patch, if you just want the server running, and no patch loaded. but the server is already booted and running.

there are ways in SC to ensure your synths instances are created on the server, you don’t need to use sendMsg to do this.
(you also don’t have to make it your default, if for instance your also running a local instance as well)

… there are a few ‘quirks’ with the way the HW interface works when running remotely… but generally this is how Ive been developing patches, its quite fun :slight_smile:

I haven’t really decided how i want to use SC on the Organelle… i know some want to run others patches, but that’s not really for me, and whilst creating sc patches on it is fun…i really prefer the whole live coding side of SC, rather than prebuilding patches.

I was looking at perhaps running a web editor like ETC has, but unfortunately, to get anything really integrated seems quite a bit of work. (and existing solutions are too complex/cpu intensive for organelle)… so haven’t come to a conclusion yet.


if you look at my example - the last bit sets the default - the send_message was just making sure i was connected.

yeah - the idea of a web editor crossed my mind as well :slight_smile: but more work than I’m prepared to do right now (I’m terribly overcommitted on everything right now :frowning: )

I like the ‘live coding’ part of SC too so the server running on the organelle and the client on my laptop is ideal for the moment.

anyway - all good. This has been a fantastic upgrade & thank you for all your hard work!


yeah, this is what i do… but then often ask myself… why not just run the SC server on the laptop :wink:

over- commitment, yeah me too - i need to be a bit more focused in 2018…
(though, Ive made a couple of good steps in December towards clearing some of my projects :slight_smile: )


the main reason for it not on my laptop is I want it all running into my DAW along with the hardware. I’ve not found a decent solution for inter-application audio on the Mac (Soundflower used to be the answer but I think that has long been abandoned)


loopback - is awesome


ah cool! thank you


hey @thetechnobear part of supercollider for novices and beginning coders is getting the death messages the code spits out when we miss a parentheses or forget to add a semi-colon how can i see what SC is spitting out error-wise on the Org?



I use and would recommended using a remote client for development of sc patches.


maybe i am missing something but I just need to know where that sc data is showing up so i can maybe connect a way to spit the error back to the window is scide running or is it just sclang/scsynth? I have not delved yet so forgive my easy questions if these have been answered already



what sc data? sorry i don’t even understand the question, nor issue.
… i do something pretty similar to what @junklight showed , which does everything i need to debug and develop sc patches.


bascially i want to see the output of the scserver locally on the organelle w/o sshing into it


when i try to ssh into the organelle it’s asking for the password – reallly don’t use ssh is there a password i need to give for this guy?


i think i have it working i realize everyone is probably busy/sleeping




yes, just figured that out LOL