Swap lovely organelle-m for organelle 1

HI all, happy new year/decade. Does anyone wish to upgrade to an Organelle-M in beautiful condition for free? If you have an Organelle 1 and it is in pristine condition I would be happy to do a swap. To much of the OS in Organelle-M has changed for it to be consistently incompatibvle with the way I have my original configured and I cannot for the life of me spend hours repairing outdated patches, drenching myself in Linux and system resources. I make music. Anyone up for it please private message me. I’m currently in Spain Valencia. Needless to say, the Organelle 1 would have to be in pristine condition and fully functional with 3.1

Could you explain a bit more about outdated patches and incompatibility ? I’m a regular one owner and interested by the m, so…

I use an Eigenharp Pico and Monome with my Organelle 1. They work great thanks to the generous efforts of members here who created installers for MEC and SerialOSC. The current MEC crashes almonst immediatly and the installer for serial OSC doesn’t put stuff in the right places on the M (though I did read a thread how to install manually). Everything runs fine on my original Organelle, so having very little time to mess with the innards and subtleties of Pi based Linux operating system, though fun and informative, I decided that having a second original Organelle would solve my connundrum.

BTW, this is a niche problem and the M sounds great, I would say better and cleaner than the orginal. I think it is just purely my specific use which makes it incompatible (Monome and Pico) for me.

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Reckon I’d be game for a swap potentially, im located in vietnam right now but i’ll be back in england in march if you wait until then! :grimacing: which colour is it?

Hello there, I’m interested too for a swap ! Just pm’ed you.

Interrested, PM!

Hi! I have a pristine dark blue organelle that I purchased about 6 months ago right before the new one came out. I would be super happy to trade as I was pretty bummed out when the new one went on sale. Would be willing to pay shipping both ways!

sent you a pm :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

I’m going to close this topic. Unfortunately our forum is not designed for trading/selling/buying gear. This is indicated in our FAQ: https://forum.critterandguitari.com/faq
There are many options for similar transactions: Reverb, eBay, Craigslist, etc.

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