Mutable instruments marbles style sequencing

Hey folks,

I was wondering if there’s any patches in orac or stand alone that could achieve Turing machine style random sequencing or quantising in organelle?

What I’m ultimately looking for is some arpeggio style patches that I can let run and evolve whilst I’m jamming things on my guitar elsewhere.

Is there anything otherwise someone could recommend as a jumping off point for sequincing evolving quantised melodies?



I’ve been looking for the same thing. I’ve also been working to make the Turing machine a stand alone patch for a bit now. It’s tricky but I’m getting closer.


ah cool! I’ve just found the Turing machine patch on Patch storage. I’m just sitting down now trying to convert to an orac module. (I’ve not done this yet, so I’ll share if I’m successful).


I’m not familiar with the Turing Machine or Marbles but if you want to do that

you could do something like that with Orac i think.
Imagine something like
S Polybeat > S notegenerator > Spunchy > synth
S punchy > S arpegio > synth
Spunchy>Spunchy>synth could be nice

And don’t forget S-Genny too

You could spicy up with S-notefilter if you want to…

With those kind of chaining i’m doing semi-generative music.

notegen then arpopt is a real goodun too, but the turingmachine seq in orac would be fantastic and isnt really possible to accurately simulate with existing modules i dont think.

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Hi ! I’ve just try the Turingmachina in Orac 2 with the easter egg but with no result. Have you tried it ?

Just coming across this thread and want to say thanks for the ideas - already got some nice results and curious if there exists a note filter module for orac 2

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