TB - UpdateOS 2.2 TB Beta - closed -> use official OS 3.0

yeah i think that would definitely be an interesting contribution!

i wonder if it’s possible to add it in the mother.pd to all patches, and use a conditional statement? if r~ inL — throw~ outL and r~ inR — throw~outR already exists in an opened patch, then disable the function in mother.pd? if not, then keep running?

i have very little experience with puredata so just curious~ :slight_smile:

thx for all you do and the feedback~ :grin:

the same mother.pd is used by all patches. ( assuming not over-riden, which is not normal the case)
unfortunately, mother.pd cannot know if the patch as an r~ inL , so no it cant be automatically disabled… without altering the patch file.
of course, and once you start doing that, its almost as easy to add the ‘pass thru’ to the patches you need that don’t have it currently…

this is kind of where the dilemma is for Organelle… I think many of us love the experimental side of it, and the way a patch can do anything, but often there is a call for more centralised functions (midi control, mixing, recording, sample kits) … but these requires ‘rules’ and ‘standards’ which is rather counter to the experimental side.
Really, I think at the moment its left to the patch developer, to add many of these things.

Im actually working on an ‘infrastructure’ for my own patches, which will provide some of these things, that i will make available once its finished.
( I got rather side-tracked with SuperCollider and OTC, and kind of needed a small break from it ;))

and if you look closely at C&G’s recent patches, you will see they are now using a modular type approach, which could also help with these kind of things… (which other patchers could also adopt)
… I think they really have taken it to ‘another level’ :slight_smile:

anyway, i think next year we will see some interesting advances in this area.

Hmmm…the b18 update patch is failing for me. Have tried downloading a few times from Patchstorage and re-unzipping. But keep getting message “Upgrade failed: files Try downloading and running this patch again”

hmm, let me check, perhaps i uploaded the wrong version :confused:

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I was having the same issue with b17. Haven’t tried b18 yet. I am currently on b9 or b11.

tech boner:

b18 is ok here.

On the audio passthru thing, it has been bothering me for some time so i decided to tackle the issue tonight.
Here is the very simple mod i’ve made to mother.pd
Mother.pd mod

And here is the run.sh script to be put in the System scripts folder to activate the passthru.

oscsend localhost 4001 /enableauxsub i 1

# clear aux screen
oscsend localhost 4001 /oled/aux/clear i 1
oscsend localhost 4001 /oled/setscreen i 1

# Activate audio passthru
oscsend localhost 4000 /audiothru i 1
oscsend localhost 4001 /oled/aux/line/2 s "audio passthru ON"

sleep 1

# get out
oscsend localhost 4001 /enableauxsub i 0
oscsend localhost 4001 /oled/setscreen i 2

It’s only a proof of concept for now.
You eventually get some added latency. I think there would be a way to activate a lower-level passthru with alsa, but i’m not 100% sure about it. I choose to go through the compressor.
There is no way to deactivate the passthru, as reloading the mother patch will deactivate it anyway. I’d like to find the time to implement a nice routing+gain system for the mother patch similar to the one i’ve made for the RE-Tape Echo patch.

We could add this to future releases, but it would need a flag check at load because there is an awful number of patches that don’t let audio pass through, thinking they’re alone in the audio chain…

@matt_x & @wo3 , ok its fixed, re-uploaded

its caused by macOS creating hidden files when you browse the directory, as your copying it to the usbstick…

fortunately, this will be the last release this is an issue, as the new installer means we dont get users unzipping on their local machines, with all the ‘fun’ that can bring :slight_smile:
( I think some of the ‘accusations’ thrown at the USB drive, have been caused by these kind of issues, possibly unfairly at times)

anyway, fixed, uploads to PS, downloaded from PS, copied to my USB stick, and installed on my fresh organelle, and work fine…


this is really cool. I’ve wondered about making mother.pd more ‘hookable’ so system commands could alter the routing a bit, and this is a great proof of concept…

the states do become an issue like you have discovered, and could be handled like midi channel where mother.pd reads / writes a file containing the current channel.

I’m not sure this an underlying alsa pass thru in software that would be any quicker (?). sometimes hardware supports pass thru which can be a true pass through before all the ADC/DAC…it would be a setting in alsamixer, can’t remember if SGTL5000 (the audio chip on Organelle) has this.

Finally got time to update :wink: Lots this time around!! so, many many Thanks !!

One thing of note:
Selecting Storage>Eject leaves us in a “dead end”? no turning back (reload maybe) not even able to shutdown…

? You don’t get the menu, by turning the encoder ?

I’ll take a look , it’s not an option I use… but obviously an important one :slight_smile:

This willl be last beta before final release so any bugs you find will be much appreciated.

EDIT: ok, I can’t reproduce, but its likely its because im on a newer build.
Ive sent you a copy of the latest build to see if this fixes it for you.

I can reproduce this behavior too.

Thanks , we have confirmed the official release has this fixed.

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this beta is now closed - all changes etc, are now contained within the official OS 3.0

thank you to all those that participated.


thanks for the hard work on this!

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Thanks everyone involved on this. Can’t wait to get WiFi and sd partition all in place. Excited to see graphics appear too. And everything else! All bodes great for future. Great job!