Thoughts on Organelle as effects processor?

Hi all! I’m considering purchasing an Organelle and understand that it can act as an effects processor but haven’t found much commentary or feedback online about this capability. How many patches can process incoming audio? Is there a decent variety of options? What’s everyone’s thoughts on this feature?

Any feedback would be much appreciated! I think this will potentially swing my decision.

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It’s the organelle’s strongest suit, Organelle has tens of patches worth about £300 a pop if you bought them in pedal format


There’s quite a lot of patched that accept audio input and if you load orac you can even run several patches simultaneously.


Any favorites?

For orac or standard patches?

Standard patches I’d have to say clds is probably my all time favorite effect. It comes in orac format as well.

Dust is another one of my favorites

As well as wrps.

All of these have standard and orac equivalents.



If you buy the organelle, well it’s a good effects processor. But it’s also a synth. And a sampler. And an OTC. So it’s definetely worth it.
I really enjoy the mutable instruments patches and few other ones from critter and guitari. The last one is brilliant too : New C&G Organelle Patches

id echo others…
the keys ive the impression Organelle is a primarily a synth, but there are probably more ‘stand out’ effects patches, than synth patches imo.

Be warned.
I bought the Organelle for the arpeggio synth effect (lovely on bass) and just a few months later I own like 6 new synths I specifically bought to use with the Organelle. Now I only wish I’d never thrown out the briefcase full of midi cables I was certain I’d never ever need or want.

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i think it’s perfect for effects and i have emulated dozens of effects pedals and it’s much more fun as an effect most of the time less menu diving :slight_smile:

So if I just want to use Orac as though it was a pedal board, can I play audio in and just make a chain of FX? Or do I have to have a specific patch at the start of the Orac chain? I hope this makes sense…

yes, orac allows you to do a chain of audio effects.

the only thing you have to do is to in the ‘router’ module, turn the Audio In Gain up - its 0% by default,
(to avoid any noise when nothing is connected)

Great - thanks for that @thetechnobear


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