This is a sampling TIME mangler, groover & stretcher

I logged into patchstorage pd-vanilla and found a few patches that “could” be adapted for organelle then i ran a few and most of them are created for use with a desktop and were way to processor intensive for our organelle. BUT
then i found a a patch by Max Björverud
It pretty interesting and was obviously based on a Max patch so i decided to add it as an alternative to the live input sampler and the results are very interesting

This is a DEMO/BETA and is an example of adapting code for Organelle via the pd community. I did not write the Max/pd code Max Björverud wrote it.
Thomas Grill wrote the Xgroove~ code that enables micro-adjustments and time manipulation of sample playback
The TimeStretch Code was located in the depths of an abstractions folder from an ancient pd repository &
The Beat Mangler code was written by Colin Barry about 15 years ago

Dig it .

mic drop

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there is a season TIME TIME TIME TIME TIME

A few Quick Tips
Page 5 AUX button switches between LIVE input and the Max Patch
the first playing button begins the recording

On other pages AUX1, AUX2, AUX4 also record
Aux3 switches between TIME and Tuning of the Sample playback

This is incredible! So weird. Full of surprises :smiley:

I added a little extra to the timstretch page similar to the groove page where the AUX button switches between tuning the delay line and the delay time volume and frequency of a buttrworth lp filter

And another one. Great stuff

i’m getting a lot of spacey echoey high-pitched sounds when i sample from a song. just wondering, is that how it’s supposed to be?

the direct input comes through clear, but after sampling it gets a bit high-pitched and i’ve tried twiddling lots of knobs to get it a bit more normal.

aha, i listened to the video, and now i get the impression that it’s designed to make that high-pitched eletro-type squeal.

Yes the time stretch and the Xgroov respectively on each page [Parameter3] can be tuned. If you press the AUX in each and adjust that parameter it switches between delay time and tuning. The max-pd-1 is just an example and can be switched out relatively easily. I have constructed the patch to allow for other elements to be replaced somewhat rapidly.

I see. it’s adding the synth/electro sounds from max-pd-1 on top of the sample. right?
could I try it without? how do I remove that bit?

remove what bit? the Max part? You do not record it Page 5 selects deselects it

aha, the ‘record cosmic box’ and ‘record input mix’, right? but, changing it that doesn’t seem to turn on and off the cosmic effects.

Adjust volume perhaps? I’ll chexk it later

okay. I think I’ve got it. you need to select ‘record input mix’ or ‘record cosmic mix’ before you do the recording. but they are opposite, so ‘record cosmic mix’ actually produces a sample without the Max-pd part playing on top.

it sounds ace. both when cosmic and when more earthbound.

good! glad you got it sorted, like i said it’s a BETA idea about sampling, mangling and stretching