Timestrech Patch?


Hey Guys,

Do you know if there is an organelle patch out there (or a puredata patch that can be modified) that performs a timestretch on a sample?

I know there are some great tools that do it already, like Soundstretch or Paulstretch, was hoping to create that kind of wall of texture through the organelle.

Happy to create a patch and upload it to patchstorage if you point me in the right direction!


Have you seen this? TIME, TIME, TIME TIME TIME Patch


Some lunatic wrote that patch
I have a bunch of timestretch code if that one doesn’t do ya


The Critter and Guitari ‘Phase Vocoder’ patch also does time-stretching:


Also this one from C&G, works awesome: Jeraphy

But if you want a Paulstrech effect it might need modifications (Jeraphy streches samples up to 200%)