Trouble with Zample and 4wave

Hello! I recently put a few new patches on my Organelle (not M) for the first time in a while. I can’t get Zample, 4wave or 4waveFM to work. Upon loading each patch, there is no sound or wave form displayed on the screen for any of these patches. I’ve tried putting my own samples into Zample, numbered 1-24 in the sound folder, and even tried recording into each key. I get an input signal I can hear but nothing happens when I try to record into a key. After selecting which sample to record, AUX+C# does nothing but bring up the AUX menu. Am I doing something wrong?

What OS are you on?

It says “version 3.0” in settings>info on the screen. Is there an updated OS and this is my problem?

Yes - the current OS for the Organelle (not M) is 4.0. Check Chapter 7.1 of the manual for update information.

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