Problems with imported samples popping - Organelle Prairie Loops

Hello there!
I am trying to make my own samples to load into Prairie Loops through the computer and they keep popping when the loops starts over. I made sure I was bouncing the audio files w/o any kind of space and proper fades. Wav 44.1 16bit .
I don’t have any problems with popping if I record into the organelle directly.

I am using the first generation Organelle.

Any help would be appreciated!

What OS version does your Organelle have?

Can you share one of your .wav files so we can try it?

It says new users can’t upload attachments, so here’s a dropbox link:

I am using version 3.1 for the organelle 1.
Trying to find a download for 4.0 but kinda striking out…


Here is the Organelle 1 manual section for updating to 4.0: Chapter 7.1 - Burning SD Card Disk Image.
OS 4.0 contains a newer version of Pure Data. Please update to the newest OS and the pops should go away.