Turing Machina - Sequencer


Okay. For some reason I thought I had to go into the com setting on the op1 for it to work. Thanks ringhof! I appreciate it!


Glad i could help!


Out of curiosity, what would the possibility be of modifying this so the organelle itself produces the notes?


Adding a Synth-Voice would be a possibility, but i have to say i rather let it stand for its own than add some basic oscillator, cause making a great sounding synth with my humble skills is hard.


Sorry, I should have specified. I didn’t mean you make it. I was just asking if it was possible. I don’t mind putting it together. If you’re okay with it though, I may pick your brain as I press forward with it for a little help.


Yeah for sure!!

Would love to see what you come up with! And don’t bother to ask me if something is unclear in my patch.


I forgot i wanted to convert this for orac, really great sequencer especially with the note quantisation option. :slight_smile: I’ll give a go, hopefully it won’t be too tough. Have used tempo before in a conversion but I think it might work slightly differently…


Great stuff! I thought about this for a while and wanted to do this myself but since i became a father and try to working on my new record in my spare time - i had to skip this task :nerd_face: