Two big ears tb_peakcomp~

i have moved to 64 bit for my authoring environment this year and i would like to add the tb_comp~ to my externals --is there a way to build it for 64 bit? I can make otehr arrangements but i like it

Someone got a github location?

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thanks for the link

No probs. Is compiling an object straightforward?

usually, its pretty trivial - there are a few different build systems, but usually developers will include a doc on whats necessary.
only thing that can catch you out, is it its a new platform, but even then its usually just a couple of compilation flags.

however, it assumes you have a development environment setup, so that can require a little bit of work (again not hard, just follow instructions for your platform).
but once you’ve done it once, you’re good for all futures externals/and what ever
else :slight_smile:

typically its easier on macOS/Linux… as windows is quirky, which is why you see devs preferring Mac/Linux - so much more pleasant to work with :wink:

using this as example… he didn’t include a build readme, but that’s because its a simple makefile (which you can see is based on the standard pd template one)

so all you do , is go into this directory and type make.
looks like it makes a few (possibly incorrect) assumptions e.g. location of pd, but you just edit it to your requirements.
simple… no rocket science here :slight_smile:

Yes it’s not a big deal usually and especially if the external is current. Certain older ones that were made before 64 bit require (usually) some makefile tweaking and some deal with shared objects which is usually just a -fPIC flag and once you find where it belongs (and often the failed make will tell you!)