Two modes with screen zoom and rotation



I always loved the Mode T - Ball of Mirrors, so I anlyzed it and created two new modes, based on its functionality.

The trick is quite simple: the actual screen is copied as an image in a variable. In the next iteration of the mode, this image is blitted again to the screen, but before blitt’ing it is resized. I added now also a rotation.

The mode “fa_zoom_rings” disables the auto-clear function automatically.
Knob1 is a zoom factor, which has 1 : 1 at the 12 o’clock postion
Knob2 is the rotation of the window copy
Knob3 is the size of the printed circles / rings
The colour-setting is disabled (as in Ball of Mirrors)

The mode fa_zoom_pie_plates is based on the well known T - Pie Plates. I added four copies of the screen in the center
Knob1 is the pie size
Knob2 is the size of the screen copies
Knob3 is the rotation of the screen copies
Knob4 is the colour.

Have fun:

PS: the modes are developed on a Windows based installation, with smaller screen size. I could not yet test them on my real ETC, because the ETC is in my live setup in the storage.
I tried to make them independet of a fixed screen size. I hope it works.

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Just a variation:

I found that it is very nice, if the zoom factor for the x and y axis are available on separate knobs. So you can zoom in for width and zoom out for height. Her as example for the mode “fa_zoom_rings”:

dwidth = int(etc.knob1 * (width * 2))+ 1
dheight = int(etc.knob2 * (height *2)) + 1
rotation = int(etc.knob3 * 90)


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These look very cool, I can’t wait to try them. Thank you!


@fanwander the modes are great! Thanks for sharing!


Crazy stuff with those two.
Thanks you !!!


I’ve used these in performance the past two weekends. They are [fire emoji]. I really like them as a transition when music changes dramatically.


Thanks! If you have any footage (vimeo/youtube) let us know.


Here’s video & audio of last night’s show:

The musician is Dysonant: