Two questions, need help!

  1. Can I use my organelle as a multitimbural synth and how? 2. What patch allows for multiple patches?


Alot of them are multitimbral.

You could use your organelle by playing it with your fingers to trigger multitimbral sounds

Id take a multitimbral synth as one that can load multiple active ‘parts’ (/patches) - and no , there is no general mechanism to do this… ive not seen patches doing this, but perhaps there are.

if your into PD you could relatively easily create specific patch combinations combined into a single patch, the main hassle will be sorting out the screen/menus, but thats not really that hard with multipage menus.
(quite easy, if you take the original patches which only had 4 parameters , so they just become 1 page each :slight_smile: )

… of course, be aware each part will take cpu resources, so you’ll want to reduce voices, and move FX into the global patch.